Gerard Talinoro

Duke of Duncraig


It is said that no man or woman alive is unaware of the House of Talinoro. That ancient and most esteemed lineage that stretches back from the defeat of Diablo underneath the Cathedral of Tristram, to the fall of Malthiel, and up to the present day in its current scion, the Duke of Duncraig.

Gerard is an imposing man in his mid 30s, easily six and a half feet tall, always clean-shaven, and with an almost unearthly glow about him. Since his consecration as a Paladin of Zakrum at age 16, he has also rarely been seen without his armor, which he keeps meticulously spotless.


Coming from a nearly 1300-year unbroken line of Paladins, a great burden and responsibility has rested on his shoulders from an early age, which he seems by all accounts to wear proudly and well.

Gerard Talinoro

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