An ancient city, Bramwell consists of stone buildings two and three stories tall, the stones cut and carried from the nearby mountains. Forest surrounds the city on three of its sides, while the fourth faces out to the Gulf of Westmarch. It is fed by the Sweetwater River, which allows small ships to navigate further inland, and provide irrigation to the farms surrounding the city. Campgrounds are located outside the city for merchants to do business, and entry to the city is through an iron gate (usually left open, as per the city’s reliance on trade). Zakarum is, or at least was, the dominant faith.

Features of Bramwell:

  • Stonehill Inn
  • The Sleeping Giant
  • The Yawning Portal
  • Barthen’s Provisions
  • Edermath Orchard
  • Lionshield Coster
  • Bramwell Miner’s Exchange
  • Alderleaf Farm
  • Shrine of Zakarum
  • The Townmaster’s Hall
  • Tresendar Manor

Nearby villages:

  • Conyberry
    • Agatha’s Lair
  • Old Owl Well
  • Ruins of Thundertree
    • The Brown Horse
    • Druid’s watch
    • Venomfang’s Tower
    • Old Smithy
    • Herbalist’s shop
    • Old Garrison
    • Weaver’s Cottage
  • Wyvern Tor
  • Cragmaw Castle
  • Wave Echo Cave


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