The world of Sanctuary is home to a variety of faiths and religions. Some are various interpretations of a single philosophy, while others subscribe to their own pantheon of gods and goddesses.

Religions of Light
The most common religious philosophy among men is that of the Light, a reverence for the primal force of justice and goodness in the world. The angels of the High Heavens are the foremost powers regarding the Light, and dedicate their existence to fighting evil, primarily that of the Burning Hells.

Religions of Darkness
Due to the nature of their faith, followers of darkness do not belong into any large, organized institutions. Rather, the followers of demonic teachings usually join small cults or covens led by some sort of dark mage, lesser demon or corrupted priest and practice their profane rituals in secret. The Dark Cultists spend much of their worship summoning demons from hell and raising undead for their own ends, particularly Dark Hellions. Some cultists turn themselves into Dark Vessels, carrying the spirit of a demon inside them. When the time is right, they allow the demon to take over their bodies, and they become a Dark Thrall. During times of high demon activity on Sanctuary, cultist numbers swell and people become much more aware of their presence.

Other Religions

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