Character Creation Rules:

  • We will play using the 5th Edition of the D&D rulebooks only. Additional rulebooks may be used and rewrites granted after I’ve looked at the book in question.
  • PCs will create their characters at 1st level using 75 points to buy attributes, spent 1-for-1 (A 16 Strength will cost 16 points). Players may earn bonus experience points by performing certain Challenges.

World Building:

This campaign will be an experiment in creative world building. When we interact with a person, place or thing, I will place an open link here before the next session. Once that is posted, feel free to detail any person, place or thing; I’ll add or edit what I NEED to, but anything that isn’t part of my story is “open world” for my players to fill in and flesh out.

Table rules:

  • Be at the game on time. Respect the other players and their time.
  • No portable gaming systems, no TVs. Laptops/tablets will only be allowed if you are on the Obsidian Portal Site or site that directly relate to the game ONLY (that’s a kind way to say no multi-tasking!)
  • Sheets – I retain all Character Sheets, and will update them onto the Wiki during the week.
  • Table Talk – Gaming is social, and I’m a talker and storyteller by nature; I get this. That being said, if a player or the GM calls for “Table Talk,” then whatever you say is what your character says. This will be to help cut the chatter at the table.
  • Rules get discussed after the session. If I make a ruling and it later gets proven to be incorrect, then going forward we use the correct rule, but the previous ruling still stands.

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