Westmarch City

A legendary city, and the most powerful city in Sanctuary at the time of its fall, Westmarch was so named as it marked the westernmost point of Rakkis’s crusade into the West. It had sprawling streets with gutters thick with sludge and refuse, and Gothic architecture. It served as the berth of the country’s navy.

Westmarch was surrounded by huge stone walls lined with archers and lookouts. Its ramparts and buildings were much taller than Bramwell. Its geography involved a rise as one moved inwards towards the city, as per it being built on hills. As one moved into the city, the buildings grew more ornate.

In 1285, the Archangel Malthael led his Reapers against Westmarch, culling many of its citizens and defenders and converting them into an army of undead thralls under his command. The city fell nearly instantly, but fighting continued between the Reapers and Westmarch’s remaining soldiers, who were aided by the Nephalem and the fallen Archangel Tyrael. The city was successfully defended, albeit at the cost of thousands of lives. Thanks to the Nephalem, the citizens of Westmarch have had the last two years to try to rebuild their lives, but at present only the inner-most sections of Westmarch are being used by legal inhabitants. They now huddle inside the Inner Wall, a bulwark against the lawlessness that has crept into the city’s periphery since the Nephalem’s dissappearance.

The capital of the Kingdom of Westmarch, normally ruled by the Justinian Dynasty. Justinian IV was killed in Malthael’s Reaper attacks, leaving the throne vacant.

Areas within Westmarch
The streets of Westmarch
Briarthorn Cemetery
Gideon’s Row
Nobles’ Rest Courtyard
Plague Tunnels
The Cesspools (sewers)
The Survivors’ Enclave
Westmarch Commons
Westmarch Heights
Wynton Courtyard

Structures within Westmarch
Captain Haile’s House
Clyfton Hall
Cozy Bookstore
Cross-Eyed Sal’s
Hall of Dark Arts
House of Screams
Inn of the Black Ram
Inn of the Snapping Dog
Miser’s Hovel
Moldering Waterway
Old Storehouse
Repository of Bones
Sorcerer’s Room
Tower of Korelan
The Hangman’s Noose
The Wolf Gate (entrance to the city)
Westmarch Chapel
Westmarch Dungeon
Zakarum Cathedral

Westmarch City

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