Legends of the Untamed Wilds: Hell Fallen

S1E3: Bramwell, Assassinations, and the Red Brands

The arrival at Bramwell, and distressing news.

Within the gates of Bramwell, the heroes were quick to turn over the supplies Gundren had hired them to deliver as well as the cargo they found in the Cragmaw hideout. Using that money (along with the coin Sildar Hallwinter had paid them to escort him, they resupplied and re-equipped, but not before getting word about both the assassination of King Justinian IV and about a group of bandits called the Red Brands who had moved in several months ago and had put this city into a reign of terror at the hands of their leader, a man named Glassstaff. Clearly, something must be done about this.

The group wanted to find a place to crash for the night and while Dargale, Rolen, and Torinn headed for the Yawning Portal, Quint went to the Sleeping Giant taproom, where he encountered four Red Brands trying to harass the barmaid names Jenny and rob an old man Jenny had called Old Man Tanner. Their leader tried to strike first, but after a few stabs Quint brought his axe down and crushed him, followed by the next guy to step up. The final two cut Tanner’s coinpurse and ran only to be tackled by Torrin and Dargale who had been alerted to the fight when Jenny had managed to escape.

With the group reunited, they interrogated the remaining Red Brands about their base and started making plans for the assault of Tresendar Manor, the former home of the Tresendar noble family that was now the Red Brands base of operations.



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