Legends of the Untamed Wilds: Hell Fallen

S1E4: Bloodbath at Tresendar Manor

Breaking the Red Brands...

And so it came to pass that Dargale, Quint, Rolen, and Torinn, having heard from a young boy about a secret back door into the Redbrands hideout, snuck in and encountered a Nothic, a twisted former wizard who made a pact with demons.

They fought bravely, but not before the Nothic could alert every brigand in the base (including their leader, Glassstaff) to the intruders. Easily two dozen thugs and the wizard descended upon them and through a long and bloody fight the Legends killed all of them except for two of the thugs who – unable to even scratch the nearly-naked Dwarf – decided to return to their lives of drunken panhandling and petty con games.

Ransacking the hideout uncovered the magical longsword " Talon ," Glassstaff’s Staff of Defence, and a veritable treasure horde among the possessions of the bandits, most of it stolen from the local townsfolk. Of special importance, however, was a Dwarven journal detailing directions to both Cragmaw Castle and to Wave Echo Cave.

Of even more import, though, was a letter written by Black Spider and addressed to Lord Iarno Albrek – a one-time ally of Sildar Hallwinter who had set himself up as the Redbrand leader “Glassstaff.” It detailed the plan to kidnap the Dwarf Gundren Rockseeker and lay claim to the mysterious Forge of Spells in the Phandalin Mines.

With much to think on, bounties to collect and callings to pursue, the group returned to the now tranquil Sleeping Giant taproom to collect their thoughts and rest from the bloody ordeal beneath the old Tresendar Manor…



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